100% natural perfumes - handcrafted in an artisan perfumery in Miami, Florida, USA


100% Natural Perfumes

All of Anya's Garden perfumes and fragrant products are pure and natural. The quality of the ingredients and the sophisticated quality of the perfumes reflects her decades of experience and devotion to 100% natural materials.

Anya loves to create the most unique and beautiful fragrances for her customers. To provide rare and exquisite perfumes, she grows and extracts the scent from plants she grows in her organic garden in Miami, a true Renaissance woman and pioneer in the natural perfumery world.


About Anya McCoy

In the 1980's, Anya McCoy began to formulate 100% natural perfumes, using classic French perfumery techniques. In 1991, she launched the first retail natural perfume line in America. Anya is recognized as a pioneer and guiding force in the development of natural perfumery worldwide.

In 2002, Anya started a natural perfumery educational group on Yahoo, and later launched the Natural Perfumers Guild. She mentors thousands on the Yahoo group, and has built an international association of professionals in the Guild.

In 2013, she was honored to be nominated and voted in as the first artisan perfumer inducted into the illustrious American Society of Perfumers.


Study Perfumery

The Natural Perfumery Institute features the first American perfumery textbook, authored by Head Instructor Anya McCoy. The textbook is used in the basic course, and contains 350 pages of comprehensive educational materials on making perfume. Professional evaluation forms, charts, database forms and much more are included in the course. Recognized as a standard for the 21st century, many modern perfumery techniques are included in the textbook

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Anya instructs students in the efficient, economical, and useful technique of diluting aromatics for evaluation as a prelude to perfume creation.