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  • Do you want to become a perfumer?

  • Do you desire a top-notch, modern perfumery course?

  • Can’t travel to study due to work, family, or other circumstances?

Enroll at the Natural Perfumery Institute and those questions will be answered in a positive way! The NPI offers distance learning for students seeking a comprehensive and dynamic  learning experience on their schedule, at their convenience.

perfumer anya mccoy selecting oils

Anya McCoy selecting oils for perfume-making


 Enroll and begin an education that delivers on all levels: how to make perfume, know all aspects of the production and extraction of aromatics, be familiar with regulatory issues, and many other topics.

Some of the techniques and modern approaches you’ll learn at the NPI that aren’t offered in other courses include:

  • At the Basic Level – diluting your oils to save 90% on the cost of making each test perfume

  • At the Basic Level – specific gravity basics – how to convert from test drops to weight to be able to make any volume of perfume

  • At the Intermediate Level, an Excel worksheet for all perfumemaking computations

  • At the Intermediate Level, inexpensive laboratory equipment that will make production easy

Anya McCoy has over 30 years experience making natural perfumes. She's an herbalist, aromatherapist, and natural perfumer. She shares her experiments, observations, and sheer joy of making perfume with you, guiding you, like a friend sitting next to you with helpful information.

perfume oils and glassware



Enroll in a professional, modern perfumery course


Students receive extensive assistance in getting started with supplies with helpful documents that include:

  • 350 page color illustrated textbook with charts, recording forms, and much more

  • Numerous recording forms that can be updated and searched, including Excel sheets and Word documents

  • Suppliers lists for worldwide procurement of:

  • Alcohol, including alcohol FAQ

  • Bottles, both wholesale and retail worldwide

  • Aromatics, both wholesale and retail worldwide

  • Custom box manufacturers

Students are instructed in modern and professional methods, including - Learn how to dilute aromatics to save money when creating perfumes and to "open up" the essence so you can see how it will perform in the finished perfume.

The topics covered in the natural perfumery textbook are numerous, and, as a result, the Table of Contents is nine pages long.

Mouse over the image below to obtain a sample of the Table of Contents

Sample TOC NPI


Natural Perfumery Institute Textbook

The Natural Perfumery Institute (NPI) offers a professional and comprehensive natural perfume course accompanied with a 350-page full-color illustrated textbook.

Founder and Head Instructor Anya McCoy is Inducted into the American Society of Perfumers

An internationally renowned natural perfume pioneer and innovator, Founder and Head Instructor Anya McCoy is the first artisan perfumer and first natural perfumer to achieve this status in the sixty-six year history of the Society.

This is a wonderful advancement for recogniton of artisan perfumery. Anya looks forward to nominating other artisan perfumers into this organization in the future.

Read a recent interview with Anya from Eden Botanicals click here

Anya is a former professor at Florida Atlantic University, and has applied her skills as an instructor to develop this dynamic, professional perfumery course.

Study perfumery with the confidence that you are learning from an international award-winning perfumer.

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1. The Natural Perfumery Institute and the Natural Perfumers Guild co-published a white paper on Proper pH for Accords, Perfumes, and Tinctures.

This is a helpful guide for artisan and independent perfumers, written to share chemical precautions to assist them in perfume production. The paper was co-authored by three NPI faculty members.

2. Perfumery Quotes - a delightful booklet to amuse and inspire.

3. Natural Perfume Materials book by Naves and Mazuyer - a wonderful rare and out of print reference book on natural aromatics.

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