I have always had an active dream life, including lucid dreams with scent, color, sound.  We’ve discussed this, since many share this phenomena, on the Yahoo Natural Perfumery group I host.  Natural perfumers tend to be in touch with all their senses, and the subconscious can’t help but bubble up, waft up, with scented images and yes – real smells – during our sleep.lucid-dreaming-2

I’ve always been one to share my dreams upon waking.  First times I remember doing this was when I was a young bride, and there was a nine-year stretch between ages 23 and 32 that they were also psychic dreams, many events coming true within a day or two of the dream.  I don’t know why they stopped, but my dream life has been so rich, I don’t miss the psychic dreams.13-Interesting-Facts-about-Dreams-bubbles

Do you dream and actually smell scent in the dream? Last night, in my dream world,I was at a dinner part in Coral Gables and lots of tasty hors d’oeuvre were passed around, and I could smell and taste each one.  A friend showed me a little metal carafe with vegan cardamom sauce and said I could mix it with some of hte vodka there.  I found a new vodka, vinyl flavored/scented! Think Barbie doll scent.  I thought this trend towards infusing vodkas with all kinds of stuff like bacon, glazed donut, horseradish, gummi bears and smoked salmon had gotten out of control.  Then I remembered that the actor Alan Cumming released a perfume that smelled of human sex and sticky adhesive tape.  I remember smiling when I got a sample of it.Georgi-Waffle-Flavored-Vodka-and-Popcorn-Vodka

Then I woke up.

Do you have scented dreams? I’ll bet you do if you work with aromatics.  In the meantime, yes, this is the usual Ask the Perfumer Sunday, please ask a question and I’ll see if I can help you.