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Natural Perfume Discounts on Tuition, oils, and perfumemaking kits

Saturday - 18 November 2017


How Autumn got Trashed by Hurricane Irma

This was going to be most heartfelt newsletter I’ve ever sent because I want to share the events of September and October and explain why I’ve been so quiet. Yes, I kept posting on Facebook, but behind the scenes, there is a lot of recovery and catch-up going on in the day-to-day businesses I run. I decided to blog later about the events instead, and just concentrate here on the love and passion for perfumes, and their creation. And I also decided to offer discounts, and pledge 10% of the sales to hurricane relief efforts. Use the links to discounted sale items at the end of this post.
I’ll let you know when I have it together enough to write about September and October, it’s just too fresh right now. So a remedy? Share the project that stirs as much passion in me as creating perfumes – teaching others how to make beautiful, professional perfumes!
My perfume organ with diluted essences, a working model I introduced to natural perfumery in my Basic natural perfume course.

10th Anniversary of the Natural Perfumery Institute Blew Right By!

Something very important to me that fell by the wayside due to Irma was the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Natural Perfumery Institute, an educational place for learning the ancient and modern aspects of natural perfume. It was the first online course in natural perfumery, and I share many years experience with the students in the form of a textbook, a real textbook, the first of its kind for perfumery. I had no time to announce, or celebrate, this milestone, the 10th anniversary. Thinking about the need for such a course, and then developing it, was a goal I accomplished.
If you are considering studying perfumery, I am offering an early holiday discount on tuition, the perfume making kits, and select aromatics from my botanicals line. Do you, or someone you love, desire to learn perfumery? This course is dynamic and covers the breadth and depth of the art of perfumery.
To learn more about the discounts visit:
This page for the $100 to $300 discount on the course tuition and kits.
This page for discounts on Boronia, Sandalwood, and Vanilla.
These are the only pages coded with the discounts. There will be wonderful discounts on my perfumes next week for Black Friday, so be sure to open your newsletter to see what I’m offering. The tuition and aromatics discount will be available until Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017.
From Miami, our best wishes
Anya, Brian, Gracie, Andrea, and Dailyn

natural perfumery institute textbook cover

Natural Perfumery Institute cover. Textbook written by Anya McCoy.

October is Yellow Perfume Flower Month in Miami

Wednesday - 15 October 2014

Five yellow-flowered plants are in full bloom here in Miami, and all yield a valuable perfume, either to the air, or, luckily, to the perfumer’s bottle. I’m growing cassie, vanilla, ambrette seed, aglaia, and angel’s trumpet. This is the first year I’ve ever noticed all the yellow flowers blooming at the same time. The cassie tree, with its tiny, yellow fuzzball flowers, protected by long thorns, is in full bloom. It’s hard to capture the flowers well with a camera, since they’re so small and dispersed throughout the airy, tall canopy of the tree. Acacia farnesana flower absolute is costly, due to the scarcity of flowers and dangers associated with the thorns. However, the perfume in the air is free, and so powdery and delightful!


Cassie tree – you have to look closely to see the tiny, yellow, fragrant flowers

The Angel’s Trumpet tree, Brugmansia spp, is the Charles Grimaldi variety, which I think is the most beautifully-scented of all of the Brugs. In the past, I’ve had peach-colored CGs, so this one was a surprise with its yellow flowers. Still, it has the same spicy, narcotic scent of my other CGs. Now that the little tree is about one year old (maybe less, I forget when I got it within the last year), I notice the flowers turn from yellow, to having a peachy tinge, then deep gold. So pretty! Sitting outside at night is a scent experience that I adore.

Charles Grimaldi variety of Angel’s Trumpet. Intoxicating scent!!

The patch of ambrette seed plants, Abelmoschatus moschata, is blooming like crazy! The flower isn’t fragrant, but the seeds have a heavenly musk scent. It’s just so much fun to watch the flowers bloom for one day, then wilt, because then you know it’s pollinated itself, and seed pods are coming.

Quite a lot of stigmas, to fertilize all of the ovaries = lots of seeds 🙂

Ah, the sweet, tiny, citrusy flowers of Aglaia odorata, how I love them! Just realized an easier way to harvest them, which saves a lot of time and sweat, since now they’re quickly sheared and harvested indoors in the air conditioning! It blooms all year, but especially in the hottest, most humid summer months, so I’ve cut down on the labor factor a lot.

Such a fabulous scent! Aglaia flowers waft their fragrance about 100′ in all directions.

I have a vanilla orchid vine that I bought at Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota in 1988. It almost died due to some bad landscapers I had, but it is booming back, very healthy now. This photo is from last year, because the photo I took today has buds read to open, and spent buds. You can see how it’s in the Orchid family from this photo. The flower doesn’t have a scent, but, when fertilized, produces the vanilla bean. I just love vanilla!

The vanilla orchid flower

Hope you enjoyed looking at the yellow flower bonanza from my garden in Miami.