The Fragrant Garden of
Natural Perfume

Anya's Garden is a real place.

It's an artisan perfumery in Miami Florida, where the garden is lush with jasmines, champakas, chinese perfume trees and many, many more fragrant plants. Anya captures many of these rare essences for use in her perfumes.

The perfumery also sources the most rare and exquisite aromatics from all over the Earth.

Whenever possible organic, wildcrafted and sustainable essences are used because that makes for a better, greener product for you, the perfume lover.

Only pure and natural aromatics from the land and sea and soil are used in the creation of the natural perfumes of Anya's Garden. Organic grape or grain alcohol are the carriers for the perfumes.

Green Exotic Exciting and Real

Anya's Garden is the first perfumery to use boxes made from the sustainable Daphne plant and recycled paper - and that's just the beginning of the beautiful story of the boxes.

Each box is imbedded with wildflower seeds, so you can plant the box and grow your own garden in a pot or in the ground.

temple perfume bottle and wildflower seed box

Anya's Garden is all about the natural beauty and fragrance of the world, and we are pleased to offer these lovely boxes to you.