Natural Perfumes - My Lifelong Passion

Hello, I'm Anya McCoy, the perfumer and founder of Anya's Garden Perfumes.

Anya McCoy Gardener, Herbalist, Perfumer, Educator

My lifelong passion for fragrant plants and natural aromatics is manifested in my natural perfumes.

I collected natural oils in my teens, began studying perfumery decades ago, and launched my first line of perfumes in 1991. Since then have taught hundreds of students the art of perfume making.

In June, 2006, I opened the Natural Perfumers Guild, and I work with perfumers, suppliers, associates, and friends in educating the public, and developing standards for transparency in this new/old art.

In 2007, I launched the first online natural perfumery course, where learning how to make perfume is accomplished with professional, modern technqiues to bring natural perfumery into the 21st century.

In 2013, I was honored to be nominated and voted in as the first artisan perfumer inducted into the illustrious American Society of Perfumers.

The natural ingredients and the sophisticated quality of the perfumes reflect my decades of experience and devotion to 100% natural materials and study of many ancient and modern perfumery techniques.

photo of Enticing perfume from Anya's Garden

Enticing contains both tuberose absolute and an extrait of tuberose

I created from tuberose enfleurage.

photo of three of Anya's Garden perfumes


graphic collage of Fairchild perfume by Anya McCoy

A graphic collage I created for one of my first perfumes, Fairchild

Fragrance Foundation FiFi Award graphic 2012 Anya's Garden

I'm honored as my perfumes have been recognized and received awards

from many blogs and organizations, including a Fragrance Foundation Fifi Award,

the highest recognition in the perfumery world.


Study Natural Perfumery

Natural Perfumery Institute 350-page textbook cover

I'm dedicated to providing the most professional, easy-to-follow instructions on the perfumery process.

My textbook is the first educational resource that addresses all aspects of perfumery.

No matter where you live, you are connected with other students and faculty

at all times in the student forum. Membership lasts for a lifetime,

and is a valuable resource of the Natural Perfumery Institute.


Perfume Making Kits and Botanicals

Select aromatics are offered to the perfumer and hobbyist for their creations. At this time:

photo of Anya's Garden ylang ylang tincture

Perfume Making Kits #1 and #2

Boronia absolute

Vanilla absolute

Sandalwood essential oil

Ylang Ylang tinctures from 2014 and 2015 vintages available



no gmo 100% natural image