100% Natural Perfumes

Hello, I'm Anya McCoy, the perfumer and founder of Anya's Garden Perfumes.

The natural ingredients and the sophisticated quality of the perfumes reflect my decades of experience and devotion to 100% natural materials and study of many perfumery techniques.


Anya's Latest Perfume

Enticing Perfume

Launched June 2015

"First impression was my brain and emotions quickly left southeastern KY. This creation is exquisite." Jodi

Here are some snippets from reviews of "Enticing". 
Enticing binds the sultry white floral scent of tuberose to the intoxicating smell of a lover's warm skin, celebrating the sexiness, sensuousness, and dangerous pleasures that are promised in the lore surrounding tuberose. 
- Enticing Reviewed on Cafleurebon blog

Our tuberose isn't the well-mannered yet vocal one in today's Fracas-a hygienic floral. Enticing is a thoroughly earthy embodiment of that night-blooming flower so reputed to contribute to the downfall of women [and men].

For me, Enticing wears the definition of a glamour, a magick in the classical sense. For those among us who enjoy mysteries, this is a wonderful example. - Enticing Reviewed on Fragrantica blog


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About Anya McCoy

In the 1980's, I began to formulate 100% natural perfumes, and in 1991, I launched the first retail natural perfume line in America. I am happy to be recognized as a pioneer and guiding force in the development of natural perfumery worldwide.

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In 2002, I started a natural perfumery educational group on Yahoo, and later launched the Natural Perfumers Guild.

I mentor thousands both on the Yahoo group and in the private sector, and have built an international association of professionals in the Guild.

In 2013, I was honored to be nominated and voted in as the first artisan perfumer inducted into the illustrious American Society of Perfumers.



Study Perfumery


The Natural Perfumery Institute features the first American perfumery textbook, which I published in 2010.

The textbook is used in the basic course, and contains 350 pages of comprehensive educational materials on making perfume.

Professional evaluation forms, charts, database forms and much more are included in the course.

Recognized as a standard for the 21st century, many modern perfumery techniques are included in the textbook. Click here for the Natural Perfumery Institute.


Modern, Professional

Perfume Techniques


I instruct students in modern techniques that elevate their professional approach to perfume making.

The use of scales, dilutions, specific gravity, and the full spectrum of topics regarding perfumery are included in the course.

You'll learn the ancient techniques, too, such as tincturing, enfleurage, and working with undiluted aromatics, and then move forward to adapting them to modern tools.