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Anya McCoy

December 2013: In a historic move, the American Society of Perfumers' membership voted to add me as a member of this venerated professional association. I am the first artisan perfumer to achieve this status in their sixty-six year history. This is a wonderful advancement for recogniton of artisan perfumery. I look forward to nominating other artisan perfumers into this organization.

I established the first modern natural perfumery line in the USA in 1982 (custom only) and 1991 launched a commercial retail line. In 2007, I launched the first online natural perfumery course, and published the first natural perfumery textbook in 2010. Since 2002, I've has mentored and nurtured countless aspiring natural perfumers in the forum and through teaching and private consultation service.

I'm the head instructor at the Natural Perfumery Institute and the president of the Natural Perfumers Guild, an international association dedicated to natural fragrance materials.

perfumer Anya McCoy

Anya's Garden Perfumes have won awards from perfume bloggers since the inception of the awards in 2009.


All of my perfumes and products are pure and natural and the quality of the ingredients reflects my decades of sourcing beautiful oils from around the world.

I also extract the scent from exotic aromatics from the plants growing in my organic garden in Miami.

chinese honeysuckle in anya's garden

Fragrant Chinese Honeysuckle in Anya's Garden

Anya's Love of Animals

Not tested on animals imageThe only animals that Anya's Garden Products are tested on are the human kind, including willing friends and customers who volunteer to evaluate her latest creations. Cats, dogs, bunnies and all other sweet creatures may sniff some natural aromatics on their people's skin, and that's the extent of it.

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Natural Perfumery Institute

aromatics dropper bottles and flacon

My groundbreaking, interactive educational website offered the first online natural perfumery course in 2007.

The textbook is university-level and the course has attracted doctors, scientists, natural health care professionals in a student body that is studying at-home all over the world. Students enjoy interaction in a private forum, where they can network, ask questions and share experiences in perfumery.

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