Anya's Garden is a women-owned, green company.

We recycle, advocate purchasing locally, thinking globally,

and are dedicated to the advancement of sound environmental policies.

"Garden to Bottle" is a real thing:

Anya grows many of the aromatics in her perfumes.

Perfumer Anya McCoy
Perfumer Anya McCoy


Internationally acclaimed perfumer Anya McCoy designs fragrances
that showcase the jewel-like beauty of pure and natural aromatics
by using modern blending techniques to bring a 21st Century
sensibility to her fragrances. The nose of Anya's Garden Perfumes, she is
widely recognized as a primary force behind the revival
of natural perfumery, hosting a 2800-member discussion group,
teaching natural perfumery courses, and guiding the
Natural Perfumers Guild, now celebrating its 10th year anniversary.
No other natural perfumer is as involved with, groups, forums,
and social media to address the day-to-day and
long-term issues and opportunities of the art, a role she enjoys.
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