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Sandalwood - S. album from Sri Lanki is the closest to Mysore sandalwood I have found. Rich, woodsy, creamy, with a sweetness and dry finish. This has been aged 10 years, and has a warm depth that is sublime.

Amt Sandalwood EO 15mls $150

Amt Sandalwood EO 5mls $60



Offering two curated absolutes at this time. Pure and natural, extremely rare, these aromatics reflect my high standards and years of experience sourcing the best natural aromatics.

Boronia absolute - Golden boronia megstigma is one of the rarest floral essences in the world. This delightful flower's scent has been compared to yellow freesia flowers. Uplifting, fresh, captivating. From the only source in Tasmania.

Amt Boronia abs 4 gm $150

Vanilla planifolia - The absolute is warm, deep and intensely vanilla. Solvent extraction by organic sugar cane alcohol, not hexane. Food quality. Madagascar.

Amt Vanilla absolute 15mls $90

Amt Vanilla absolute 5mls $35