Trygve Harris of Enfleurage sent me a series of photographs of frankincense trees from different locales in Oman.  Very intriguing are the ones she calls “Old Lady” trees.  Below are some photos of them, and a photo of some recently-harvested resin from them.

Here’s what she wrote about these Old Lady trees:  These trees are over the hill from the first pictures I sent. It’s still humid–still gets the mist in the summer, but less so. It’s protected. These are the Old Lady trees. These ones are strong and fierce

From her first frankincense newsletter, sent on Feb. 22, 2012:
 Fresh and oozy Mughsayl (Black) frankincense from the coastal mountains west of Salalah.

This is my personal favorite. If you are distilling your own, this is probably your best choice.  

It’s got a rich snappy sparkle, and glittering pinenes with just a dash of orange.  
It’s the one I’m talking about when i talk about the Old Lady Trees. This lovely luban is from the monsoon areas, also characterized by high humidity and proximity to the sea.   
This is the best season for Mughsayl (pronounced mug-sail) frankincense. Although available sporadically throughout the year, now it’s plentiful and fresh.  
$25 kg  
You can contact her for more information.