This has happened several times during the pre-sales time frame on Amazon – Homemade Perfume made it to #1 in Aromatherapy (and a few times in Nature Crafts, too)! Thank you for your support in pre-ordering my book, and I got word today that even though the release date isn’t until tomorrow, several buyers got emails from Amazon today that it’s shipped, and they’ll receive it tomorrow – how wonderful!

Homemade Perfume book number one aromatherapy july

Here’s some information about the book, but I invite you to go to Amazon and “look inside” for much more detail on what information and educational offerings are in Homemade Perfume!

“This unprecedented, comprehensive guide from renowned perfumer Anya McCoy is an inspiring resource for anyone interested in creating artisanal perfume at home. Discover simple step-by-step methods for making perfume without harsh chemicals. Jump right in, using local plants and common household ingredients. Soon you’ll be building your own scent collection and creating unforgettable gifts for friends and family.

This book covers a variety of techniques for capturing fragrances from natural materials, making it easy to choose the project that works for your schedule and experience level. Source your own organically grown botanicals, and enjoy the earth-friendly benefits of creating your own essential oils and extractions sustainably.

Make your own all-natural perfumes, room and linen sprays, body butters, massage oils, and more. Explore the nuances of scent blending to create delightful fragrances that are unique to you. Packed with easy methods and expert guidance, this book will become an indispensable reference as you grow into a confident scent designer.”

Buy your copy now and enjoy the fun projects that will help you make fragrant, natural gifts and products!