Perfume Making Kit #1



Anya's Garden Perfume Making Kit #1

Anya’s Garden Perfume Making Kit #1

Anya carefully curated this selection of essences for the study of, and creation of perfumes.?It contains 24 4-milliliter bottles of pure and natural aromatics. Some of the expensive absolutes are diluted to 10% to make the kit affordable, and the oakmoss is diluted to 3% for safety reasons. All bottles are labeled with common name, botanical name, type of oil (EO, absolute), part of plant, and country of origin.?The kit is packaged in a wooden box to protect the oils and to make it easy to transport the kit.
Upon purchase of either kit, the customer will receive, as a bonus, specific, detailed instructions from the Natural Perfumery Institute on how to dilute the aromatics.?*

Lavender Haute Alps EO
Red Mandarin EO

Juniper Berry EO

Fir Needle EO

Nutmeg EO

Pink Grapefruit EO

Ho Wood EO

Fresh Ginger EO

Sweet Orange EO

Coffee EO
Neroli EO 10%

Jasmine grandiflorum abs10%

Rose de Mai abs 10%

Ylang Ylang extra EO

Clove Leaf EO

Lemon Myrtle EO

Vanilla absolute 10%
Tobacco abs (blond) 10%

Frankincense EO

Amyris EO

Labdanum absolute

Patchouli EO

Haitian Vetiver EO

Oakmoss absolute 3%

*The Value of Diluting Oils
1. Diluting oils saves you money?when you create accords and modifications, since a 10% or less dilution will give you the scent to evaluate, at 10% of the cost of using a full drop of the undiluted aromatic. I know you’ll enjoy this kit, and learning about the aromatic groups. The kit was assembled to educate and delight you, and save you money, too.
2. It “opens up” the aromatic so that you can smell it in closer to the natural state, since undiluted oils are very concentrated, and may overwhelm your nose. Once you have selected the perfect modification for your perfume, you need to convert the drops to grams with specific gravity calculations. I teach this in the Intermediate Level course at the Natural Perfumery Institute, with a custom blending software program I developed.


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