Thirty Minute Consultation




Anya’s phone and internet-based service is the first of its kind for niche, artisan perfumers who are desiring to grow their businesses and their technical side of the art.
Consulting services are offered for individuals and companies at all levels of development in the natural aromatics business. Anya can guide the novice in their first venture or polish the professional’s business practices in the private label or couture area.
Identification of Business Issues:

  • Classical or Modern Styles: One-to-One blending direction and guidance
  • Materials and Methods
  • Manufacturing advice for growing your business
  • Unique ideas to resolve *creative block* – solutions for the amateur or professional
  • Technical?problem solving
  • Sourcing information and importing how-to’s
  • How to build the business
  • Branding and marketing for the natural perfumer
  • Packaging
  • plus…Individual solutions for the individual problems that you may encounter

The Consultation Process:

  • Please contact Anya via the?contact form on this website. Anya will respond within two days unless you note it is an emergency, and?she will respond within 12 hours. There will be an additional $50 fee for emergency issues.
  • On the contact form please provide?as?much?information as you think necessary to illustrate your issue.
  • The client will receive a Paypal invoice for the consultation session for the agreed-upon time and date and duration of call. The client may record the call. It is also advised that the client take notes. International clients may use Skype for the session.



A consultant to hotels and spas and natural perfumers for more than 25 years, Anya can advise and guide your business in the fragrance and flavor aspect of natural aromatics.


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