Ruffled, delicate Summerscent blooms

Do you love the fragrance of blooming michelia or ylang ylang flowers?  Then you’ll love this pretty flowering plant, sometimes called Summerscent or dwarf tree jasmie.  Radermachera kunming is a rare plant, not often found in garden centers.  It starts blooming when only 1 – 2′ tall, and mine little plant in a pot is full of blooms and buds.  The sweet scent, and at least now, with it’s first big summer flush of flowers, doesn’t smell like jasmine.  It’s much more like the piercing sweet floral fruity scent of michelia or ylang ylang flowers. It has large cluster of buds ready to open when the current flowers fade.  I’m going to start picking the flowers for enfleurage today.

Summerscent is loaded with juicy buds ready to follow in a fragrant succession of blooms

Seeing that it’s native to Thailand, it is a tropical plant, and you either need to live in a tropical or subtropical area to grow it outside, or have a greenhouse. I read some reports on about the plant, and you can follow up there if you wish to investigate it further.  I’ll report back on my enfleurage experiment.  If I get enough flowers, I’ll also try tincturing them. Oh, an extract of the flowers is made in Thailand for relaxation and for supposed aphrodisiac purposes.