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2011 Awards - Best Natural Scent - Royal Lotus.

Best Internet Project - Brave New Scents. Cafleurbon blog.

2010 Awards for Anya's Garden Perfumes and Anya McCoy as President of the Natural Perfumers Guild:


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Kewdra Perfume - from Monica

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Best Natural Scent: Light Perfume

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The Mystery of Musk and Outlaw Perfume projects

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2009 Awards

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Anya's Garden Perfumes Awarded:

1. MoonDance and StarFlower - "Best New Releases" from The Non Blonde Blog

2. MoonDance - "Best New Perfume" from Bitter Grace Blog

3. StarFlower - "Best in Niche" - from Perfume Shrine Blog

Newest release March 2022:

Golden Oud

There is a gorgeous light Oud Aquilaria filaria that had a rich scent of newly-sawed wood and leather. I blended that with Thai Lime Leaf, Jasmine grandiflorum, Tarragon, galbanum, civet, and ambrette seed tincture to create a green, woody, striking scent that is unique and addictive.


Winner - Best New Perfume 2010 - Rare musk rose from Africa opens this soft, lush amber perfume. Ten carefully-blended base notes provide a gorgeous amber base that melts into your skin.

Floral Amber

musk rose absolute and oil Zambia
rose geranium sur fleurs South Africa
ylang ylang extra Madagascar
balsam of peru El Salvador
styrax Honduras
labdanum Spain
tolu balsam Brazil
amber fossil Himalayas
tonka bean Venezuela
sandalwood Sri Lanka
benzoin siam Laos
vanilla Madagascar


Narcotic, hypnotic, changeable tropical passion, sparkling with flowers and salty from sea spray. Pandanus, champakas, jasmines, citrus, choya nakh, oakmoss, seaweed.

Floral Marine Chypre

pandanus India
grapefruit USA
clementine USA
allspice berry Jamaica
champaca, gold India
champaca, white India
galangal India
jasmine grandi Egypt
jasmine sambac India
lemon myrtle Australia
orange peel wax USA
ambergris The Ocean
choya nakh shell India
hedychium India
patchouli India
seaweed France
ylang ylang extra Madagascar
green oakmoss France


Floral Musk

An exploration of the most seductive aspects of the narcotic tuberose flower, with skin and musky notes bringing the perfume warm, soft nuances.

Tuberose from India, Tuberose enfleurage from Anya's Garden, Butter CO2 from the USA, Terpene acetate isolate from ex. cardamom, Beeswax from France, Beeswax tincture from Anya's Garden, Patchouli from India, Mushroom from France, Musk Tincture from Siberia


Winner - Best New Perfume 2010 - Kewda flower melds with the iconic heroine Kudra of Jitterbug Perfume into a floral heart of Chinese Gardenia and Golden Boronia. Then the musk hits. Oh, the musk, sweet, sultry and like a second, sensual skin.

Modern Indian Floraliental

pandanus India
gardenia Anya's Garden
gold boronia Tasmania
ambergris USA
ambrette seed India
angelica Hungary
beeswax France
patchouli India
sandalwood Sri Lanka
vanilla Madagascar


Winner - Best New Perfume 2010 - A truly modern take on a classic cologne-style, blended as a pure perfume. Israeli yellow grapefruit, cedrat (citron) from Sicily, aglaia flower, genet, frankincense.


Modern Citrus Incense

cedrat Sicily
yellow grapefruit Israel
juniper berry Bulgaria
neroli Tunisia
genet France
aglaia China
aglaia tincture Anya's Garden
ambergris USA
frankincense Oman
frankincense resin Somalia



Winner - Best New Perfume 2009 Tuberose seduces you under the full moon, and you are lost in the stars. Water mint, violet flower, jasmine sambac, opoponax and other stellar aromatics.


mentha arvensis
alpha ionone isolate
roman chamomile
jasmine sambac
rose de mai




Pan - after dark

A romp in the fields of Gods, magnetic and soft, seductive and a day in the sun that goes on forever

Agrestic Musky Floral

atlas cedar
deodar cedar
lavender seville
white lotus
goat hair
ambrette seed



Pink pepper and roses float over citrus and musky vanilla that takes you to a lush desert oasis

Citrus Floral

pink pepper
pink grapefruit
petitgrain bigarade
jasmine auriculatum
lemon petitgrain
orange flr
orange flr water
rose otto
bee goo
ambrette seed
sandalwood vanuatu


Royal Lotus - Best New Perfume 2011
Fit for a king or queen. Royal Lotus has a sparkling citrus top, a heart of the rarest, most costly aromatics such as blue and pink lotus, night blooming jasmine, and a soft, velvety base of sandalwood, ambergris and tonka bean.

Floral Citrus Woody

orange juice
wild orange
orange flr abs
jasmine grandi
blue lotus abs
night bloom jasmine
pink lotus
sandalwood spicatum
tonka bean


Winner - Best New Perfume 2009 Candy flower, dreamy and steamy, almond cherry and lemon and foodie seeds and chocolate make tuberose the star of Mexico, an edible, sexy delight

Gourmand Floral

lemon myrtle
bitter almond
coffee bean

Strange Magic



Only pure and natural aromatics from the land and sea and soil are used in the creation of the natural perfumes of Anya's Garden. Organic grape or grain alcohol are the carriers for the perfumes.