Perfume Study Kit

I have over 40 years experience sourcing natural aromatics, and I offer only the best to customers and students - the same ones I use in my perfumes.

This is the kit that I created for perfume course I teach. It contains 24 4-milliliter bottles of pure and natural aromatics. Some of the expensive absolutes are diluted to 10% to make the kit affordable, and the oakmoss is diluted to 3% for safety reasons.

All bottles are labeled with common name, botanical name, type of oil (EO, absolute), part of plant, and country of origin.

TOP NOTES Lavender Haute Alps EO Red Mandarin EO Juniper Berry EO Fir Needle EO Nutmeg EO Pink Grapefruit EO Ho Wood EO Fresh Ginger EO Sweet Orange EO
MIDDLE NOTES Coffee EO Neroli EO 10% Jasmine grandiflorum abs10% Rose de Mai abs 10% Ylang Ylang extra EO Clove Leaf EO Lemon Myrtle EO
BASE NOTES Vanilla absolute 10% Tobacco abs (blond) 10% Frankincense EO Amyris EO Labdanum absolute Patchouli EO Haitian Vetiver EO Oakmoss absolute 3%

Amt Perfume Study Kit USA
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Amt Perfume Study Kit Int'l
$450 -