Experiencing Anya's 2016 release Enticing, this unsolicited comment from a customer was received:

"First impression was my brain and emotions quickly left southeastern KY. This creation is exquisite." Jodi

Best of 2010 Awards and Mentions:

best of 2010 awards


Light Perfume - from Michelyn

Kewdra Perfume - from Monica

Best Buzz:

The Mystery of Musk and Outlaw Perfume projects

Perfume Shrine:

Best Natural Scent: Light Perfume

Rising Star of 2010: Outlaw Perfume project


Best Niche Perfumer: Anya McCoy and her Outlaw Perfume project

The Non Blonde:

The Mystery of Musk and Outlaw Perfume projects

Light and Amberess Perfumes

Best of the Best Awards 2009:

Best of the Best Awards 2009 logo

Bittergrace blog:

Best Perfume: MoonDance

Perfumeshrine blog:

Best of Niche Perfumes: StarFlower

The Non Blonde Blog:

Favorite Perfume Releases: MoonDance and StarFlower

Anya's first review, by fellow perfumer Andy Tauer:

Pan I have the paper strip under my nose and think of … wow. What a sexy scent. A brave perfumer to make such a scent. For sure not the average blabla fragrance.

As always with good blends, the individual notes merge into something new. What I like most about this scent on my paper strip: It is unlike many things I have sniffed lately. It is original. You can feel the creative hand aiming at creating something new.


May I suggest you visit the Anya's Garden blog and use the search function there for the perfume you are interested in. I have blogged about the story behind the perfume, the notes that I chose and much more.

Unsolicited comment from a customer on Enticing, a 2015 perfume release:

"First impression was my brain and emotions quickly left southeastern KY. This creation is exquisite." Jodi

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Fairchild on Perfume Shrine 2006 - "On the whole it has the challenging and weird character that Caron’s Alpona, that New York Times June 10, 2010 A Fragrant Harvestcitrusy juice-drinking in the open crisp air of the countryside, also possesses. Here trodden upon leaves and roots on the floor of a cut-down tree alley along the shore substitute the French countryside."

Fairchild on Noteworthy Fragrances 2007 - "If you're unaccustomed to wearing pure, organic fragrances, don't rush too quickly to judgment as I did. Fairchild takes a minimum of 15 minutes to evolve enough to appreciate the complexity and thought provoking nuances that this fragrance brings to the table."


Kaffir on Bittergrace Notes 2007 - "The green notes pop back in from time to time as well, and when they hook up with the leather base I find I get a flash of Chanel n.19."

Kaffir on Now Smell This 2007 - "Peeking through the strong lime leaf and galbanum accords is the scent of lush “hothouse” jasmine. I can also detect a (Robert Piguet) Bandit-like leather note in Kaffir’s dry-down."


MoonDance on Bittergrace Notes 2009 - "The tuberose makes its entrance with remarkable modesty and delicacy. This has got to be the quietest tuberose I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know what “French process” means, but whatever it is, I’m in favor of it. Although I love a brazen tuberose, it can start to wear on the nerves after a while. The tuberose in MoonDance is like the perfect roommate—calm and clean, but still lively company."

MoonDance on PurplePaperPlanes 2009 - "Slowly, MoonDance quiets down allowing a beautiful, almost spiritual part of the perfume to emerge. Like a forgotten lullaby, which would rather comfort than seduce, the tuberose whispers softly here. Yet, in spite of the calming drydown, there is still something undeniably sexy about it that keeps it interesting."


Pan on IndiePerfumes 2006 - " It brings to my mind a phrase from "The Fugitive Kind" as spoken by Joanne Woodward's character (a super-pale blond bad girl who scares everyone with both her fast driving and her sex drive) when she first sees a young Marlon Brando in his signature snakeskin jacket: "There's STILL something WILD in this country"."

From the Bitter Grace blog 2006 - "I’ve said it before ...but I cannot resist saying it again: Anya's Pan is magical stuff. I'm currently wearing it dabbed on my wrists, along with Caswell Massey Sandalwood lotion on my legs, and the harmony is wondrous. I smell so good I can hardly believe it. I got seriously rained on during this morning's walk, so afterwards I ran my daily errands with stringy, damp hair and baggy, damp shorts & tank top. In other words, not exactly at the height of my beauty. But I was wafting Pan. Two men in Target flirted with me. Never doubt the power of the goat-god."

Pan on MakeUpAlley 2007 - "I feel very comfortable wearing Pan, and I think it will smell even more wonderful on a man. It’s a very balanced scent, herbal yet sweet, carnal yet clean."


Riverside (RiverCali) on Perfume Shrine 2006 - "It starts on a rosy aspect with lots of geranium and not the familiar old-fashioned intense powderiness of many a rose fragrance, combined with orange blossom/neroli voiceovers that lend some delightful fruity harmonies (actually they’re from blossoms whose smell- although very floral- also brings to mind the fruit to come)."

RiverCali on Scent Hive 2009 - "Rivercali is a lush walk through a dewy oceanside garden, abundantly adorned with citrus blossoms. Neroli and petitgrain waft like an ocean breeze, and make you want to roll up your pant legs and splash in the surf."


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Temple on Now Smell This 2007 - "As I wear Temple, dark orange, russet, umber, teak and golden amber colors come to mind — this is a sweet, dense, warm and dusky fragrance. (I can imagine the dessert-loving god, Ganesha, using Temple as his “comfort scent.”)"

Temple on Fragrantica 2009 - "There is one Anya's perfume, which I can not just feel - I can see it with my eyes closed. It's Temple. Temple is strong and monumental, like a grandiose and centuries-old tree - a temple built by Nature."


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Whole Living magazine Nov. 2010 Anya's Garden StarFlower perfume - "An orgy in a bottle"


New York Times June 10, 2010 - A Fragrant Harvest - Anya McCoy as perfumer who grows and extracts scent from plants.

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Anya McCoy is quoted in an article about natural v. synthetic perfumes

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