I tried the Outlaw fragrance and I loved it!

Rosalie Pawluk

I received the butter rum room candy and it was delightful. I used it in my living room and it scented not only that room but part of the hall and kitchen area. The aroma is very intoxicating! It lasted approximately 2.5 hours and once it cooled I placed the remains in my lingerie drawer. Needless to say it is still scenting that drawer as of this morning!

Cathi Galvin

Rec'd my "Lemon Vetiver" yesterday. (Thank you. It's quite nice to have any lovely thing from Anya's Garden..a treat!) I like the sculpting design, the scent is just right.

Jamie Szymanski

I've used the smaller Lemon Vetiver a few time. I do like the smell -- it's refreshing with a touch of the exotic. I am also impressed with the strength of the smell. The small Room Candy permeated my large home office wonderfully. I'll try the larger one shortly and report back.

Sylvia Lim

The Outlaw Room Candy is beautiful, and wow does it fill the room! They last a long time! I am still on the first melt and getting plenty of scent, though the top notes have largely gone at this point. I have found a new and natural way to scent a room and create an inviting ambiance in the home.

Michael Singels

Room Candy

100% Organic and Natural Hand Poured Fragrance Wax Melts

Ingredients: Organic beeswax and natural aromatic oils

Recycle your Room Candy and get three times a Fragrance! Heat the wax melt for a room fragrance and after that use, when the scent is softer, you can put it in a drawer or closet as a sachet, or polish your furniture with it.

Stronger fragrance "throw" than a candle and much more highly scented, wax melts are a great value and they're also the ultimate recycleable fragrance product.

Anya's Room Candy is THE ambient fragrance answer to customers who wanted 100% natural fragrance for their homes and offices.

Easy to use and long-lasting, the wax melts are made with organic beeswax and 100% organic natural aromatics.

Fragrances available: Lemon Vetiver, Outlaw Perfume, and Bay Rum and Honey. Samples not available at this time.

anya's garden perfumes room candy 'daisy' wax melt
Hand poured in vintage candy molds and packaged in attractive, reusable steel tins. Image shows tin with lid off and seven wax melts inside. Seven wax melts are outside the tin to illustrate their beautiful forms. Due to slight variation in sizes of handpoured melts, tin may contain 6 to 8 melts. $30 room candy tin packaging showing seven wax melts in and out of the tin
Starter Kit is available Includes a 3oz. tin of wax melts, tea light burner and one organic beeswax tea light, as shown. Burner not sold separately. $40

curly metal burner


Order Room Candy:

Option One - the Room Candy oval black tin with six to eight pieces, or

Option Two - the Room Candy as above plus a starter kit with a tea light burner and one organic beeswax tea light.

Outlaw Perfume - Oakmoss, bergamot and lime!  Believed to be the first oakmoss/chypre room fragrance

Lemon Vetiver - Lemon myrtle with its lemon candy/herbal scent pairs with woodsy vetiver

Bay Rum and Honey - Oh, honey, so yummy - like a tropical night, and surprisingly, a holiday scent, too.

Anya's Garden products never contain:
paraffin, soy, colorants, mineral oil, silicone, parabens, propylene glycol, ethanolamines, PEG, sulfates, DEP, DPG, synthetic dyes, nitro musks, or any other synthetic. No animal testing, ever.