Anya's Garden Perfumes are 100% Real natural perfumes, made with organic sugar cane alcohol and pure and natural extracts of plants, ocean and soil materials.

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photo of anya's garden natural perfumes

4ml pure perfume extrait

Perfumes available in sample sizes, 4ml pure perfume, or 15ml Eaux de Parfum strength. Not all perfumes available in all sizes or strengths, due to rarity of some aromatics.

To read about the aromatics used in the perfumes, and the Fragrance Family, click here


Amt Amberess 4 ml $90.00
Amt Enticing 4 ml $100.00
Amt Enticing EdP 15 ml $150.00
Amt Fairchild 4 ml $80.00
Amt Fairchild EdP 15 ml $125.00
Amt Golden Oud 4 ml $80.00
Amt Golden Oud EdP 15 ml $125.00
Amt Kewdra 4 ml $85.00
Amt Light 4 ml $70.00
Amt Light EdP 15 ml $120.00
Amt MoonDance 4 ml $85.00
Amt MoonDance EdP 15 ml $125.00
strange magic perfume anya's garden
Amt Pan 4 ml $75.00
Amt Pan EdP 15 ml $100.00
Amt RiverCali 4 ml $75.00
Amt RiverCali EdP 15 ml $120.00
Amt Royal Lotus 4 ml $100.00
Amt StarFlower 4 ml $85.00
Amt Strange Magic 15ml $125.00
Amt Temple 4 ml $95.00

purple sample box

Perfume mini sampler -- You receive 0.3mls of pure parfum per sample, enough for several applications.

Amt Amberess Sample $11.00
Amt Enticing Sample $11.00
Amt Fairchild Sample $7.00
Amt Golden Oud Sample $8.00
Amt Kewdra Sample $10.00
Amt Light Sample $8.00
Amt MoonDance Sample $11.00
Amt Pan Sample $7.00
Amt RiverCali Sample $7.00
Amt Royal Lotus Sample $12.00
Amt StarFlower Sample $10.00
Amt Strange Magic Sample $12.00
Amt All 12 samples $99.00

Note: limit one sample per perfume, or one set. You may order multiple samples, but they must be of different perfumes. Thank you.

Until the website is updated in later 2022, the shipping charge option is just under $9.00 for USA customers due to a glitch. You will be refunded $4 after payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.