Why The Miami Ylang Flower is Perfect Natural Perfume

This tincture captures the high, sweetest notes of what is called the "Chanel No. 5" tree. If you've ever read about the women of the Philippines wrapping the fresh flowers in their hair to scent it, this is that scent. No heat was used to extract the scent, so it is at its purest height of beauty.

The scent doesn't become noticable until sundown, and lasts until mid-morning the next day, but the scent is richest at midnight, and that's when I pick them. The workers won't go into the fields at night, so the flowers that make it into the distillation vats are not as richly-scented as mine. I've seen photos of their harvest, and the flowers are mostly green. Mine are bright yellow, and the scent difference between them and the inferior green is very noticable.

anya mccoy's ripe ylang flower

The big, deep yellow ylang flower is the type I harvest for the tincture. The smaller, green flower with its petal curved around the ripe flower is immature, and needs a day or two to reach the maturity of the prized ylang.


A Unique Treasure

Limited Edition: You can possess the first documented ylang ylang flower tincture ever made in the USA. It may not be made anywhere in the world, because the African producers usually distill the flowers.

anya mccoy's ylang tincture


Amt Ylang Tincture 2014 15 ml $75.00
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